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  1. "March for Our Lives," the pro-gun control group started by a group of Parkland survivors, announced an ambitious reform package that would radically change the landscape of firearm regulations and aim to drastically reduce both gun ownership and gun-related deaths.
  2. President Trump is open to stricter background check legislation, but Democrats are being unhelpful with their all-or-nothing approach, according to White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley.
  3. Jana Duggar has found herself under fire. 
  4. Harvard law professor Laurence Tribe unleashed an unhinged attack on President Trump and his supporters Wednesday after the commander in chief said he was considering an executive action that would end the practice of "birthright citizenship."
  5. A naked man who reportedly caused a disturbance at a Tennessee grocery store died Wednesday after he led police on a high-speed chase, authorities said.
  6. A 25-year-old woman with dual American and Israeli citizenship has been behind bars in Russia since April after authorities allegedly found nine grams of cannabis in her luggage while she was traveling.
  7. A lawsuit seeking to order West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice to reside in the state capital, Charleston, continued its course in court Wednesday, but the case hit the snooze button as the judge requested more documents from both parties. 
  8. Congressman and 2020 hopeful Tim Ryan, D-Oh., said he agreed with former Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid, who warned Democratic nominees running on "Medicare-for-all" platforms that the strategy would be a flub in the general election. 
  9. In a ruling hailed as a “historic step” for ending the country’s “war on drugs,” a Mexican judge granted two plaintiffs permission to possess, transport and use cocaine recreationally, according to reports Wednesday. 
  10. More than half a dozen environmental groups on Wednesday filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration for its purported attempt to weaken the Endangered Species Act.